Holy Trinity Cathedral in Diveevo

"... The true aim of our Christian life consists in the acquisition of the Holy Spirit of God. As for fasts, and vigils, and prayer, and almsgiving, and every good deed done for Christ's sake, they are only means of acquiring the Holy Spirit of God. But mark, my son, only the good deed done for Christ's sake brings us the fruits of the Holy Spirit..."

(from conversation of St. Seraphim with N.A.Motoviliv)


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D O N A T O R S   A N D

On this page will be published the names of the organizations, companies, and people, that participated in a big way in the Mission's life and supported the Mission during difficult times by prayers, labor and/or money.

In the future the "Memorial Board" will be augmented with new names based on the decision of the church Parish Council.  After renovating the building, all these names will be put on a special plaque in the hall of the St.Seraphim's Church

The information about the certificate on the "Personal Brick" and "Commemoration Book" can be found on the page "Commemoration".


Memorial Board of Organizations

   Dioceses of Chicago and Mid-America

   Orthodox Magazin "Thomas" ("Foma")
   St. Paul Episcopal Church, Lansing, Michigan
   "Home Depot" Store
   "Enviro-Decon" Co
   "On Demand Dumpster" Co
   "My One Contractor" Co
   Orthodox Business Association

Memorial Board

Bishop Peter of Cleveland (Lukyanov)

Fr.Gregory Joyce

Fr.Anatoliy Astafyev

Sbdcn. Dmitry Gorelov

Pavel Pakhomov

Maria Pakhomova

Svetlana Kirillova

Sergey Kuropatkin

Ludmila Solovjeva

Nikolay Kravchenko

Joe Kemp

Andrej Mikhajlov

Gennady Hersht

Aleksandr Rozhkov

Ksenija Saprykina

Curtis Johnson Natalia Cannons Alexandr Kariagin
Dan Scott    

We also would like to express our special gratitude towards those who helped the Mission to grow and mature in different times according to the measure of their strength and abilities in all time of the Mission existence.  The names of those people are:

Fr. Victor Trotskii, Fr. Michael Carney, Fr. Paul Waters, Rdr. Bill Wolf, m. Daria Carney, John (Ivan) and Linda Tunney, Alexandra Kravchenko, Evgenia Shevchenko, Oleg Lesovoy, Olga and Vladimir Andreev, Victoria Pershina, Zhanna Khamenok, Irena Balabina, Julia Trukhina, Inna Quillen, Alla Smith, Olena Klusinski, Olga Agalakova, Tetiana Killey, Igor and Olga Obertas, Will and Shruti Gross, Dan Zak, Anastasia and George Kariagin, Mike Cannons, Nadezhda Kostina, Nikolai Kravchenko, Dmitry Kashchenko, and many many more who one way or another helped conducting the services, and/or activities of the Mission.