Holy Trinity Cathedral in Diveevo

"Thou didst love Christ from thy youth, O blessed one and longing to work for Him along thou didst struggle in the wilderness with constant prayer and labor. With pertinent heart and love for Christ thou was favored by the Mother of God. Wherefore we cry to thee: save us by thy prayers, O Seraphim our righteous Father."

(Troparion to St. Seraphim of Sarov -- 2 / 15 of January,
 19 of July / 1 of August)




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8 of March, 2018 (Byz./Jul. st. 23 of Februrary, Year of the World 7526)

Visit of Kursk-Root Icon of Theotokos. Moleben with Akathist was served by Fr. Gregory Joyce. You can see some pictures on our Photoalbum.

16 of August, 2015 (Byz./Jul. st. 8 of March, Year of the World 7522)

On the week of August 2nd, 2015 the RediMix Yard Cement Company in Lansing donated about 5 cubic yard of the cement, ~$1000 value, to our church! We had some water coming into the basement of the building because of the sloped parking lot pavement on the north side of the building. We very hope that this cement curb will seal the building basement.  You can see some pictures on our Photoalbum.

21 of March, 2014 (Byz./Jul. st. 8 of March, Year of the World 7521)

On the 14th of March 2014 our Mission had a great blessing - the Kursk-Root icon visit! Moleben and Akathist had been served by Fr.Nicolas Olhovsky.  You can see some pictures from this great event on our Photoalbum.


On the 19th of March, in the Danilov monastery in Moscow, Fr.Nicolas had been elected as a bishop of Manhattan, ,vicarious of the Eastern American Diocese., Our sincere congratulations to Fr. Nicolas! Axios! May God help him!

18 of February, 2014 (Byz./Jul. st. 3 of February, Year of the World 7520)

Glory to God! On the 16th of February, St. Nicolas of Japan day, we finally had the first Sunday Liturgy. It was served in St.Seraphim's church building! Even though we still need to continue working hard to prepare the building for the consecration, this was a huge event in the St.Seraphim's Mission life. Congratulations and many thanks to all who had been helping the Mission during all these years. May God bless you for your prayers and sincere wish to help!

Following these links you can find some pictures from this happy event and some photos from the Mission's life (Photoalbum ):


On our website you can find the 3rd and 4th year annual reports about what had been done at the church building during the last 2 years, and also about Future plans. Looking back it can be seen what a huge amount of work was done since the building had been bought back in 2009. Electricity and plumbing system was fixed, all flooring, many drywalls, ceiling panels and insulation damaged by mold were removed and the professional mold remediation was fulfilled. All building had been covered with a new roof. After repairing the roof in Spring 2013 we finally could concentrate on the interior works. Some windows had been replaced, new drywalls, ceiling panels and insulation were put back instead of the removed ones, many rooms' walls were plastered and painted, the heat system was repaired and some landscaping works were done.

The temple's part of the building now is practically ready to begin regular services the altar area was made and the iconostasis was installed. All that we need to do there now is just to finish painting and put new flooring. During these 4 years the total monetary investment in this building, including its purchase was about ~$95K. Volunteers' work helped us to save a huge amount of money. But, we need to go forward and prepare the building for the consecration. It needs to be done as soon as possible.

In this regard, the parishioners are begging for any possible financial or physical help. They need to get $17K due to make a new siding, porch and put flooring around the whole building. After that, the building will be ready for the consecration. The volunteers' help can greatly reduce a needed sum.

In January 2014, we began 2014-2015 Project Fundraising campaign. To this moment, we have from needed 17K already $1,183.

If you have a wish and possibility to contribute financially towards this project, then you can do this in a few ways:

  1. You may send your check as a tax deductible gift to postal address:
    St Seraphim Russian Orthodox Church,
    P.O.Box 81,
    , MI 48805-0081

  2. Or you can give your donation through Google Checkout on our web page http://www.stseraphimmichigan.org/support.html

If you would like your name, or the name of your beloved ones to be commemorated at the church, there are a few ways to do this now:

  1. "To buy a Brick" - the name will be written on the 'brick' in the church building. The price for the brick is $100. The name will be commemorated on the Patron Saint days, and will be listed in the special "Book of brick donors".

  2. For the eternal commemoration during the Liturgy each name - $500. The name will be mentioned on every Liturgy, and will be listed in the special temple's "Eternal Commemoration Book".

  3. For the organizations we have an option to put their names on a special plaque.

If you are able to help the Mission with construction works or organizing fund raising events, please, contact us stseraphim@stseraphimmichigan.org or by phone 517-351-4391.

25 of September, 2012 (Byz./Jul. st. 12 of September, Year of the World 7519)

On the 15th of September we had Big "Subbotnik" - Big Work Day at the church building.  This day turned out to be quite productive.  We had a large group of our brothers in Christ from our sister parish of St. Vladimir from Ann Arbor (Dexter) visiting on that day.  Large number of workers allowed to accomplish multiple tasks.  Some pictures from that day can be seen on the page Photoalbum .

May God Bless our brothers in Christ: Methoii, Nikolii and Kiprian Chwastek, John Hill, Curtis Johnson, Dmitry Kaschenko, Dmitry Knysh, Arthur Kachur, Nazar Stepanov, Nathan and Petr Longan, Andrew Mitchel, Philip Balayev, Kolya Kravchenko, Dmitry Gorelov for their hard work that day.

May God Bless also our sisters in Christ Elena Fox, Nadezhda Kostina, Svetlana Kirillova for providing delicious lunch and tea.

Thanks again to everybody for their hard work for Christ's sake!

Reconstruction works at the building will be continued.  Everybody is welcome to come and help.  You can contact us by the phone (517)351-4391, or by e-mail: stseraphim@stseraphimmichigan.org and confirm the date and time of the next Subbotnik.  Next Big Subbotnik is tentatively planned for October.  The date will be announced later.

25 of September, 2012 (Byz./Jul. st. 12 of September, Year of the World 7519)

We would like to express our deep gratitude to Michael Moore, HomeDepot Store Manager, and Frank Belknap, HomeDepot Contractor Services Supervisor, for their big help in organizing the list and delivery of the needed construction materials.

10 of September, 2012 (Byz./Jul. st. 28 of August, Year of the World 7519)

On the 12th of July subcontractors finished the roof repair on the North-side and West-side building additions. Finaly time came for the interior works. Thanks a lot to Methoii, Nikolaj and Kiprian Chwastek, Vadim Alexseev, Dmitry Knysh, Arthur Kachur, Michael Trinkin, Nadezhda, Liza and Kolya Kostin, Elena and Julia Fox, Tatiana Mauer, Dan Scott, Dmitry and Svetlana Gorelov for coming and helping during the last 2 months. A big progress was done. Some pictures from that day can be seen in the page Photoalbum .

31 of December, 2011 (Byz./Jul. st. 18 of December, Year of the World 7519)

On our site in the rubrics How to find us the next annual report for the year 2011 is published.

7 of December, 2011 (Byz./Jul. st. 24 of November, Year of the World 7519)

City Council have approved our request for SPecial Land Use of the property for Church use.  This was needed to be able to have special tax privileges, etc., that church can have.

During the last 6 months the works on the building though slowly, but had been continued. The delay was connected with the application to the city for a SLUP, and also with the beginning of installing a new roof on the main building.

A lot of thanks to the bishop Peter, Fr.Gregory Joyce, Nichilas Hantel, Gennadiy Hersht, Dan Scott, Olga Agalakova, Kolya Kravchanko, Nadezhda, Liza and Nikolas Kostin, Dmitry Gorelov and Svetlana Kirillova for their help and financial support of the Mission during this time.

At the Photoalbum can be found new pictures, taken during the last half year.

The page "Donate" had been updated.  Please, check it if you can help in some way.

28 of June, 2011 (Byz./Jul. st. 15 of June, Year of the World 7519)

During the last 2 months the works on the building had been continued.  Special thanks to Vadim Alekseev and Alexander El'kin who did in May a great job, installing ceramic tiles in the entrance hall!  Thanks a lot to Alexeev's family for donating the ceramic tiles for this project!

Kolya Kravchenko and Pavel Alekseev continued to disassamble the damaged floor in R13, Sasha Karyagin, Nadya, Liza, Kolya Kostin, Sveta Kirillova continued to do landscaring works, fighting with weeds and mowing the lawn, Vadim Alkexseev continued fixing electrical in the building and moved forward in this direction a lot!  He restored the power practically everywhere, and tagged it too!  He also restored power to the local heater in R4.

Big work also was done to the floors preparation in R13, R6, and R9 - big thanks to Kolia Kravchenko. Also the sinks were installed in the bathroom B3 and B4 (Dima and Sveta Gorelov), the window in R3 was replaced (Vadim Alekseev and Dmitry Gorelov), and all the entrance door locks were restored (Dmitry Gorelov).

May God bless all helpers for their efforts!

20 of April, 2011 (Byz./Jul. st. 7 of April, Year of the World 7517)

A few days ago we have received the notification from the City of Lansing Assessor's Office that the taxes on the property for this year are cancelled, so we have a chance to start the reconstruction without diverting thousands of dollars towards taxes.  Thanks a lot to Nicholas Hantel, one of the Diocesan attorneys, who came here from Chicago to help us with putting together the case in front of the City Board of Review in March.  We also express our gratitude to Fr. Paul Waters and Dr. Gordon Weller from Episcopal Church, who came there to support our case.

3 of March, 2011 (Byz./Jul. st. 18 of February, Year of the World 7517)

On the 6th of March, 2011, there will be the first working day of this year, Subbotnik, will be started right after Typika at 11 AM.  Everybody is welcome to come and help!  Address: 2627 N.East, Lansing, MI

18 of February, 2011 (Byz./Jul. st. 5 of February, Year of the World 7517)

A very famous contemporary theologian, Metropolitan KALLISTOS (Ware) will be speaking in Ann Arbor this Friday.
Topic: "Why Follow Christ?"
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (click for directions)
Friday, February 18th, 7:30-9:30pm

If you have a chance to go there, use it! The books he is writing are very inspiring, they are used for the education in the Orthodox seminaries, and are very interesting to read.

Additional information can be found here: http://www.orthodox.is/2009/05/15-17.html

15 of February, 2011 (Byz./Jul. st. 2 of February, Year of the World 7517)

Congratulations to all with the Feast of the Meeting of the Lord!  A lot of thanks to our sister parish of St. Vladimir's in Dexter for their monetary donation collected last year!  Also thanks a lot to Nicholas Hantel who helps us to deal with the City.  In the rubrics "Building the Church" on our site we have published the Report on the works done on the building and the approximate estimates of works required for the immediate and distant future.

Since the weather is gradually improving we resume the Saturday's works in the building.  If you wish to participate in the restoration of the church building we would be glad to put you on the send-out list according to your request.
Contact phone: +1 (517) 351-4391

28 of November, 2010 (Byz./Jul. st. 15 of November, Year of the World 7517)

On the 17th of November the final Mold Remediation session was completed.  The remediation was done by company Enviro-Decon, who gave the mission a significant price break!  This company also provides the Guarantee of the harmlessness of the environment in the building after the remediation.  For the further improvement of the building we need to provide heating after installing the new thermal insulation on the ceilings.  For continuing the reconstruction works significant resources of both labor and investments are needed.  All who are willing to contribute in any way to the mission, please, contact us by e-mail: stseraphim@stseraphimmichigan.org

On the 21st of November Bishop Peter have visited Lansing on his way back to Chicago from St.Vladimir's church in Dexter.  He inspected the building and the adjacent territory.  Some pictures can be seen in the Photoalbum.

Big thank you to Karyagin and to Kravchenko families for their monetary donations and help.  Also huge thanks to the Brotherhood of the St. Vladimir's parish - Curtis Johnson for very significant help in repairing of the water lines, and to Dmitry Kashchenko for disassembling of the racks and help in the preparation of the building for the Mold Remediation.

5 of October, 2010 (Byz./Jul. st. 22 of September, Year of the World 7517)

The Kursk-Root Icon will be here in Lansing on Tuesday, October 12th!  Fr.Gregory Joyce will bring it from Dexter around 6.30p.m.  The veneration will be at the St.Paul's Episcopal Church, just like the last time back in March 2005, with the short Prayer Service (Moleben).  It is a rare opportunity to venerate this miracle-giving icon! After the last time here the Icon was traveling all around the world - in Australia, in Russia, in Europe.

For those who doesn't know - this icon has miraculously cured our patron saint Fr.Seraphim of Sarov in Kursk in his childhood.  So, it is a special blessing for our Mission to have the opportunity to venerate this icon again!  Don't miss it, mark your calendar for that evening!


23 of June, 2010 (Byz./Jul. st. 10 of June, Year of the World 7517)

For the last 3 weeks a huge amount of work had been done on the building. The city put a new valve and a new meter. At the same time, Joe Kemp did a great job! The system, even though it was proclaimed to be winterized, in reality was not, there was a huge leaking of water everywhere. Joe found some of these leaks - 12 holes in the pipes behind the walls, removed them and repaired the pipes! Most of the leaking was fixed, though we still have it in one room. Joe spent 2 days of his short vacation being here in Michigan. May God bless him and his 12 years son, Alexander, who came with him, for their hard
work for the sake of God!

May God also bless, Gennady Hirscht from Albion, who came to help us with the electricity. Now we have it almost everywhere! These two great professionals saved for the Mission a huge amount of money! A lot of thanks to Michael Cannons, Alexander Kariagin Dmitry Gorelov and Svetlana Kirillova for their help in repairing the electricity and plumbing.

Also, our special thanks to Vladimir Gurbolikov, the Deputy Editor of the 'Foma' magazine, and Ksenia Soprykina, the Head of the Adverticement Department of the 'Foma' magazine, for their help in publishing in the June's magazine another ad about the St.Seraphim's mission, and to Ruslan Loshak, from whom we got a donation by mail for the church library - 3 DVD - 'Seraphim...', Chudo Very', 'Tsar', and 2 books 'Zvezda utrennjaja', about the Mt.Athos' monks, and the 'Dary and Anaphemy', written by the diacon A.Kuraev

On the 17th, 19th, 20th and 21th of June the works on the building were continued. Thanks a lot to Natasha and Sonya Cannons, Svetlana Kirillova, Nadezhda Kostina and Dimitry Gorelov who did a great job fighting with weeds and landscaping!

May God bless all helpers of the St.Seraphim's church!

2 of June, 2010 (Byz./Jul. st. 20 of May, Year of the World 7517)

During the last 8 weeks the works on the building had been continued and a lot had been done.  Alexander Kariagin and Dmitry Gorelov have installed the new sump-pump in the basement, Natalia and Michael Cannons recycled the rest of the paper from the basement and removed all the floor boards, that had been already disassembled, Valentina Kariagina, Svetlana Kirillova and Natalia Cannons continued cleaning around the building and planted some bushes and flowers.  The Mission got a material donation - the icons and other things for the church.  A generous monetary donation had been got from Joe Kemp.

May God bless everybody for their help!

25 of March, 2010 (Byz./Jul. st. 12 of March, Year of the World 7517)

On the 20th of March, there was a big working day at St.Seraphim's new acquired building. The brotherhood from St.Vladimir's church in Dexter came to help our mission! A lot of work had been done that day. A dumpster that was taken for one week was filled after a few hours of work and needs to be removed already.

May God bless everybody who helped to make the work on this day successful, providing either their work, money, materials or instrument and of course delicious food for lunch! The names of these people are: Konstantin and Eugeny Poplavsky, Vasily Krivcov, Dmitry Kashenko, Aleksandr and Anastasia Kariagin, Dmitry and Svetlana Gorelov, Nikolay Kravchenko, Andrey Mitchell, Dmitry Knysh, Natalia Cannons, Olga McDonna, Nadezhda Kostin, Will Gross, Levon Arakelov.  In the page Photoalbum some pictures can be seen. The next session of the clean-up work is planned for the next Saturday, March 27, 10:00a.m.

Our special thanks are also to the parishioners of the All Saints of America Orthodox Church and to Christopher and Melissa Allen for their donations to the St.Seraphim Mission!. May God bless them for their generosity!

23 of February, 2010 (Byz./Jul. st. 10 of February, Year of the World 7517)

In the "Foma" magazine in Moscow, Russia, a small advertising article about our Mission was published in the February issue!  A lot of thanks to the head of the advertising department of the "Foma" publishing house Oksana Soprykina, who dedicated quite a bit of attention to our Mission!


22 of February, 2010 (Byz./Jul. st. 9 of February, Year of the World 7517)

On the 21st of February the fourth "subbotnik" on the property took place.  Thanks to all who participated in it: Mike, Natalia, and Sonia Cannons, Tatiana Mauer, Alexander Karyagin, Dmitry and Svetlana Gorelov.  In the page Photoalbum some pictures can be seen.  The next session of the clean-up work is planned for the next Saturday, March 6, 10:00 a.m..  On Saturday, the 27th of February, the Divine Liturgy is scheduled at St.Paul's Episcopal Church at 9:00 am.

14 of February, 2010 (Byz./Jul. st. 1 of February, Year of the World 7517)

On the 13th of February the third "subbotnik" on the property took place.  Thanks to all who participated in it: Alexander Karyagin, Dmitry and Svetlana Gorelov.  In the page Photoalbum some pictures can be seen.  The next session of the clean-up work is planned for the next Sunday, February 21, 12:00 noon.  On Saturday, the 20th, the Divine Liturgy is scheduled at St.Paul's Episcopal Church at 9:30 am.

10 of February, 2010 (Byz./Jul. st. 28 of January, Year of the World 7517)

On the 6th of February the second "subbotnik" on the property took place.  A lot of thanks to all who participated in it: Alexander and George Karyagin, Nikolay Kravchenko, Tetyana Killey, Dmitry and Svetlana Gorelov.  The disassembly of the walls and the floors was continued, and significant amount of the paper waste was taken care of.  In the page Photoalbum some pictures can be seen.  The next session of the clean-up work is planned for the next Saturday, February 13, 10:00 am.

30 of January, 2010 (Byz./Jul. st. 17 of January, Year of the World 7517)

Inspite of the quite cold weather, we had first "Subbotnik" in the building.  Alexander and Anastasia Karyagin, Nikolay Kravchenko, Dmitry and Svetlana Gorelov came on that day to work for the Glory of God.  Together we were able to clean a couple of rooms, started disassembling the wall and the damaged hardwood floor. In the page Photoalbum some pictures can be seen.  The next session of the clean-up work is planned for the next Saturday, February 6, 10:00 am.

27 of January, 2010 (Byz./Jul. st. 14 of January, Year of the World 7517)

We have checked the functionality of the new Google-Checkout (page Commemoration) money donation mechanism - everything is functioning properly.

23 of January, 2010 (Byz./Jul. st. 10 of January, Year of the World 7517)

On the 23rd of January Fr.Gregory came to Lansing with Vladyka Peter's blessing to serve a Moleben and bless the newly acquired building with Holy Water, so we can officially start working on the building. After the Moleben, Fr. Gregory also gave a special blessing to Alekander Karyagin to be a head of our St.Alexander Nevsky Brotherhood for St. Seraphim's Mission.  Photos - in Photoalbum.

The first working day in the building is scheduled for the Saturday, 30th of January, 11 a.m. We are planning to begin with removing all the junk from the building first. That would be very good if you could come to help, just do not forget to wear some warm clothing (we do not have the heating/water/electrical turned-on yet).

25 of December, 2009 (Byz./Jul. st. 12 of December, Year of the World 7516)

The first service - Moleben in the honor of St. Herman of Alaska and St. Seraphim of Sarov was served in the newly acquired building of the mission.

23 of December, 2009 (Byz./Jul. st. 10 of December, Year of the World 7516)

Historical announcement "Big Mission News".


Hello everybody,

First of all, we would like to thank those who have helped the Mission over all 5-and-a-half years of its existence. We have a big news. On the 16th of December St.Seraphim's Mission finally acquired a property! On that day, with Vladyka Peter's blessing, the preliminary Escrow Signing by priest Fr. Gregory Joyce and warden subdcn. Dmitry Gorelov took place at Forsberg's Real Estate Company Office. Today, Wednesday, December 23rd, we have gotten the papers back signed by the seller. The property is bought in the name of the Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America. Three-years-long search for the property came to an end!

The property's address is 2627 N.East St., Lansing, MI. The building there is pretty big: ~5600 sq.ft. main floor, plus ~3500 sq.ft. downstairs in the basement, big parking lot, commercial zoning (for offices, not industry). The seller put the property on the market for 60K. Actually only the land in this area would probably cost about 75K. We made an offer for 20K, and after some negotiations converged on 35K. Just because it was the church, the bank, who was selling the property, had agreed. The Mission had to borrow 10K to be able to pay the deed.

In 1998 the building was bought for $240K by the Total Health Education company (affiliated with some protestant church). Apparently they could not keep paying the mortgage, so the bank took the property from them about a year ago. There was a roof leaking and a damage was done to the building. The roof was fixed somehow, but eventually the new roof will be in order. We have almost 100 pictures of it inside-and-out -- we will put them on the web soon. For now we put just 3 of them in the attachment.

The building has a lot of potential. It can be used not only for the church services, but also for the school, library, different activities. Of course, a lot of work needs to be done there. We have consulted with several subcontractors about possible repairs. They all said that the building seems be "sound" (and some even advised us to go ahead and buy it, if we can). It seems the main single expense will be for the new 2- or 4-sided pitched roof. Inside -- the floors almost everywhere, and somewhere the ceilings need to be restored/rebuilt. But if the most of the "dirty" work inside will be done by ourselves, we can save half of the costs (tens of thousands) -- for the expence of longer time frame.

We ask all of you for any possible help -- by money, building material, your time and labour, and first of all -- by your prayers, of course. There are a lot of possibilities to participate for those who sincerely want to contribute for the Christ's Church and have the abilities to do so.

A bit later we will send the whole information about the restoration plans and possibilities for those who are interested in participating in the church reconstruction by donating time, labour, materials, or money. Also, everybody is welcome to help making those plans and estimations.

We are planning to have a small Moleben in the building on Friday, the 25th of December, for St.Herman of Alaska and St.Seraphim of Sarov at 1:00 pm (be warned -- there is no heat, electricity, and/or water turned-on yet, time could be corrected, so call for confirmation (517) 351-4391). St.Herman is historically the first Orthodox Saint of America, who's day is celebrated on the 25th of December. Also, on this day in 1990 the relics of our parish Patron Saint, St.Seraphim's of Sarov, were rediscovered in the Kazan Icon Cathedral in Saint Petersburg.

subdcn. Dmitry Gorelov

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