Holy Trinity Cathedral in Diveevo

"... The true aim of our Christian life consists in the acquisition of the Holy Spirit of God. As for fasts, and vigils, and prayer, and almsgiving, and every good deed done for Christ's sake, they are only means of acquiring the Holy Spirit of God. But mark, my son, only the good deed done for Christ's sake brings us the fruits of the Holy Spirit..."

(from conversation of St. Seraphim with N.A.Motoviliv)





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St. Seraphim Russian Orthodox Church



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Current Schedule

On Thursday, 7 of January 2021,
Feast of Nativity of Crhist
(25 of December, Year of the World 7529 in Byzantine/Julian Calendar):

Akathist to St.Seraphim 9:00 AM
Hours and Confession 9:30 AM
Divine Liturgy 10 AM

On Friday, 15 of January 2021,
Feast Day of our Patron Saint St. Seraphim
(2 of January, Year of the World 7529 in Byzantine/Julian Calendar):

Akathist to St.Seraphim 9:00 AM
Hours and Confession 9:30 AM
Divine Liturgy 10 AM

at the building under reconstruction (2627 N. East St., Lansing, MI 48906)

Every Sunday, with no Divine Liturgy, Reader's Service (Typika) is served
Beginning at 10:00 AM
Akathist to St.Seraphim is served after Typika.

Additional information can be requested by phone or e-mail.

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Our Parish News
16 of August, 2015

RediMix Yard Cement Company in Lansing donated about 5 cubic yard cement...

Building the Church

Our History

In the summer of the year 2004 Bishop Peter of Cleveland, Administrator of the Diocese of Chicago & Detroit, blessed the beginning of the new parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (RCOR) in Ingham County, Michigan. The first service (a Moleben) was held by the Priest Gregory Joyce, Rector of St. Vladimir Church in Dexter, Michigan. Fr. Gregory will oversee our Mission until a permanent Rector can be assigned. The service was held on the 1st of August, 2004 -- the day of the 250th anniversary of the birth of St. Seraphim of Sarov, and 101st anniversary since the His earthly glorification.

The services are conducted according to the Old (Julian) Calendar and the traditional Russian (Jerusalem) Typikon in two languages -- Church-Slavonic and English.  We are striving in our parish to follow the Orthodox Apostolic traditions...

Only now after more then five years since Mission inception in December 2009 we were able to acquire the real estate property with the building suitable for the future Church.

Our parish is small and grows slow.  And the main reason, of course, the absence of our own priest, and before - luck of the own building for the Church.  And even now when we do have the land and the building, we need to do a lot of work in order to repair it and make it usable for the Divine Services.  We are already used to feel like "Fr. Seraphim's orphans", and the difficulties that our small parish has to live through teach us humility, love, and careful attention to each other.

We already have an Iconostasis that we have inherited from the Mission in Ohio state.  The deal is "simple" - to turn the acquired building into the Church! :-)  Erection of the Christ's Church is the MUTUAL DEAL, indeed.  And if you have a good intention to participate in this deal and to work for God's Glory, we, of course, will be very glad to ask for the reward for your help in our prayers in the Mission.  Especially we are asking for your attentive prayers for us and our young parish.

Glory to God for everything!

Warden of the Mission, subdeacon Dmitry Gorelov
10 of September 2010.